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“Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are” – Jason Crandell

Breathing in the scent of the fresh mountain air with a majestic view of the valleys, seated in a Sukhasana pose is an exhilarating way to begin one’s day, don’t you think? As an avid traveller, the practice of yoga has always intrigued me. It is a great way to experience health in the body, liberation in the soul, joy in the heart and peace in the mind. Just like travel. And when we can blend the two together, I dare not imagine a more peaceful experience! The International Yoga Festival is a perfect reason to be curious and travel to the heart of heavenly Rishikesh in Uttarakhand, so read on to experience the best of stays in this spiritual abode.

Be curious, be at peace. Be the traveller you were meant to be.


The Internationa Yoga Festival held in the first week of March 2016 allows you to explore the eight limbs of Yoga. Join this rejuvenating experience as you breathe in the sights of India in relaxing Rishikesh!


Jointly organized every year by the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, Govt. of Uttarakhand and the Parmarth Niketan Ashram, the International Yoga Festival aims to give all people an opportunity to come together to learn, practice and adopt a new and healthy way of living. This renowned event has an international acclaim and grows tremendously each year in size, popularity, and participation.


Learn various styles of Yoga and engage in this refreshing forum to witness a global spectrum of wonders. Engage in other energetic sessions that involve meditation, chanting, Reiki, Indian philosophy and more with spiritual leaders and their revered discourses.


7 Days
20 Nations
70 Countries
20+ Yogis

70+ Yoga Instructors
150+ Classes
1000+ Participants

With Rishikesh being the charming destination to head to this March, our exhilarating stays will make you pack your bags now and go!

Check out these amazing stays in Rishikesh!


Aloha from the banks of the Ganges! This exciting stay boasts of a pristine view on the outside and a heavenly experience on the inside. You can pick from a choice of rooms, suites and tents to add some spice to your spiritual travel diaries. Here is an exciting stay, that does not compromise on luxury and yet allows you to explore your inner depths of spirituality with this as one of the exciting Stays for International Yoga Festival Week.

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True to its name, this exhilarating stay is literally on the Ganga Kinare, translating in Hindi as, on the banks of the River Ganga. This riverside boutique stay provides unfiltered views with various rooms types to suit your style and needs. So wake up to the sounds of the river flowing through the beautiful valleys and picturesque mountains of Rishikesh. Come feel the tranquility of this spiritual abode during your peace-filled visit with such stays for International Yoga Festival.

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Imagine a beautiful abode in the heavenly city of Rishikesh that offers you your own personal sandy beach with an orchard that is lined with mangoes and lychees! The Glasshouse on the Ganges is exactly that; a picture-perfect retreat with wonderful offerings for the spiritual wanderlust in you. What more, they even throw in a view of the Ganges and the virgin jungles! Enjoy a perfect day with Yoga in the mornings followed by a relaxing massage to enjoy a truly satisfying and rejuvenating vacation with these Stays For International Yoga Festival Week.

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What better than an exciting stay with a view of the Ganga and its banks with the backdrop of the mighty snow-capped Himalayas? Now that is a view we would kill for! Explore the depths of peace within your soul while the timid waters create a ripple in your heart. Engage in subtle relaxing evenings by the banks after a day of Yoga, and you are set to experience a fresh life in the heart of Rishikesh, with these Stays for International Yoga Festival Week.

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Mixing traditional with the spiritual, this amazing stay focusses on offering travellers a complete experience of history and heritage. Bid adieu to the modern luxuries in this historical city and go back in time to the roots of when Indian civilization. We just could not sit around being so banal for the modern traveller, so experience amenities that will take your breath away at these Stays for International Yoga Festival Week. With an in-house ayurvedic spa with holistic treatment and a Yoga teacher indoors this heritage stay, you can go a step ahead to explore the private bathing ghats!

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So what are you waiting for? The International Yoga Festival is a true celebration of a peaceful life. It brings diverse groups of people from across the globe to come together and experience peace and harmony in living. So meet other travellers with the same interests as you, like Travel and Yoga and create ever-lasting memories.

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