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Content Guidelines

Tone Matters

While writing, make sure that your tone is reader-friendly. You wouldn’t want to confuse the reader with complex jargon that detracts from the story you’re telling. For instance, if you’re writing about your time travelling in a cable car in Auli, talk more about your experiences there, and not a general rundown of how a cable car works (as fascinating as it may be).Another important thing you need to consider about the tone of your article is uniformity. Don’t be wildly funny in the introduction to eventually lose steam and bore the reader with mundane details by the end. Stick to one writing style and follow through with it.

About The Narrative

Your narrative should follow the type of submission you’ve picked. Both personal stories and photo book should have a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. For a picture book, the placement of the pictures should be such that the viewer experiences your story in the same order as you did. In case you are writing general tips and recommendations based on your experiences, make them as concise as possible and try and cover as many things as you possibly can.

Find A Hook

What separates your travelogue from the countless others that are crowding the internet? Find a hook that sets your tale apart from the rest and set your story around that hook. Maybe focus on the people you met along the way, or tell the story from the POV of your travel companion. Anything which isn’t routine.Remember, there’s no dearth of travel content online, and to etch your story in the mind of the readers, it needs to be special.

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