Mumbaikars take holidaying very seriously!

While the city of Mumbai offers endless options for good times, there are moments when one wants to escape from the humdrum. Enticing with green avenues, adventure sports, beachy delights, nature charms, historical wonders and more, these weekend getaways from Mumbai are just perfect for those pressed for time.

  1. Matheran

    m_Matheran 1Image Credits: Flickr – Arko Sen

    A charming place where no vehicles are allowed, Matheran transports you to another beautiful world. The nature here is fresh, pristine and the ethereal mist lends further allure. There are several points over here, out of which Panorama Point is the most popular, giving sweeping views of Nerul town.

    m_Matheran 2Image Credits: Flickr – Omkar A Kamale

    Good to know: The closest station to this hill station is Neral Junction. Several undertake a trek from here to get to Matheran.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Distance from Mumbai: 83 km

  2. Ganpatipule

    Not as overflowing as the other beach destinations around Mumbai, Ganpatipule is your answer to a quiet and laid-back vacation. Positioned in Ratnagiri district, the hamlet boasts of a 6 km unsullied beach. There is also a sacred Lord Ganesha temple here that attracts pilgrims.

    Good to know: Those who are interested can try their hand at kayaking.

    Best time to visit: October to February

    Distance from Mumbai: 337 km

  3. Amboli

    m_amboli 1Image Credits: Flickr – Naveen Kadam

    A little hill station dotting the Sahyadri Range, Amboli is another destination that can be opted for. Thickets of jungles and many cascades define this place. It especially comes alive post monsoons when the entire region is painted green. The ancient Shiva place of worship, Hiranyakeshwar is one of the attractions over here.

    m_amboli 2Image Credits: Flickr – Anand Balasubramaniam

    Good to know: A short jaunt by the Nagatta Falls makes for a refreshing affair.

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    Distance from Mumbai: 491 km

  4. Alibaug

    m_Alibaug 1Image Credits: Flickr – jalinder jag

    A favourite among Mumbaikars, Alibaug, a coastal town Raigad District is perpetually thronged by people who are looking to unwind. Apart from basking by the black sands of Alibagh Beach, you can visit tourist attractions such as 300 year old Kolaba Fort, white sand Akshi Beach, Brahma Kunda and Kanakeshwar Devasthan Temple.

    m_Alibaug 2Image Credits: Flickr – Sameer Walzade

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 95 km

  5. Kamshet

    Displaying the magnificence of Western Ghats in Maharashtra, Kamshet is where several drift off to for some adventure and nature time. Especially popular here is the sport of paragliding. The terrain awes with its quaint brooks, hilly landscapes and greenery. Attractions include a four century year old Kondeshwar Temple, Buddhist caves and Vadivali Lake.

    Good to know: The season for paragliding starts post the rainy season.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Distance from Mumbai: 102 km

  6. Mahabaleshwar

    m_Mahabaleshwar 1Image Credits: Flickr – ddaseden

    Welcoming you with a charming and pristine environment, Mahabaleshwar is an archetypical escape from the city chaos. Cosseted in the Western Ghats, the climate is pleasant here all year around. This ‘Queen of hill stations in Maharashtra’ tempts with its weather, unsurpassed natural green scenery. The vestiges of the colonial empire can be seen in some of the architecture.

    m_Mahabaleshwar 2Image Credits: Flickr – Khush N

    Good to know: If you are here during the winter season, do not miss out on strawberry picking!

    Best time to visit: Throughout the year

    Distance from Mumbai: 263 km

  7. Manori

    A little hamlet tucked in north of Mumbai, Manori is also referred to as a mini Goa. The chief allure here is the pristine and lesser crowded beach that is fringed by cashew nut trees. One can also find glimpses of Portuguese reign through some of the architecture at this village.

    Good to know: When here, do not miss out on savouring the local cuisines.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 49 km

  8. Raigad

    m_Raigad 1Image Credits: Flickr – Umesh Gawade

    A former capital of the Maratha King Shivaji, Raigad holds historic prominence. The fort at this place though in ruins, still shows glimmers of a royal past. Many of the structures such as the  queen’s chambers, main palace and the public ‘durbar’ are still noticeable.

    m_Raigad 2Image Credits: Flickr – Rahul Bulbule

    Good to know: You can either trek up to the fortress or take a cable car.

    Best time to visit: September to November

    Distance from Mumbai: 103 km

  9. Palghar

    Within close proximity of the city, Palghar is ideal for a quick getaway. Things to do here include picnicking by the Kelva Dam, relaxing by the beaches of Kelva and Mahim or revisiting history at the fortresses of Kelva and Shirgaon.

    Good to know: Those who wish can also visit the fishing settlements close to the beaches.

    Best time to visit: June to September, November to February

    Distance from Mumbai: 109 km

  10. Champaner

    m_ChampanerImage Credits: Flickr – Andrea Kirkby

    An experience of Champaner can be enjoyed by those into archaeology. Located near to Vadodara, it has several gripping historical monuments. This includes Pavagadh Fort that can be reached by a ropeway as well as other stunning structures such as Shehar ki Masjid, Kevada Masjid and Mahakalika temple.

    Good to know: Wildlife lovers can take a safari to Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Best time to visit: 460 km

    Distance from Mumbai: October to June

  11. Panchgani

    m_Panchgani 1Image Credits: Flickr – Jimmy Shroff

    Inviting you with misty delights and a lovely atmosphere, Panchgani is a little piece of haven. The hill station was once a Britisher’s summer retreat. It has colonial architecture along with Parsi homes and boarding schools. The winsome place is marked by pleasant breeze, silver oak trees, luscious greens and great views.

    m_Panchgani 2Image Credits: Flickr – Avinash Anand

    Good to know: When here, do not miss a visit to Table Land, said to be the second longest mountain plateau with sweeping sights.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Distance from Mumbai:  244 km

  12. Karnala

    Best known for its bird sanctuary, Karnala is another hideout close to the city premises. With around 150 resident & 37 migratory avian species, it is prominent among bird lovers. When here, one can also tour the Karnala Fort.

    Good to know: Lord Shiva worshippers can also visit the sacred Shiva temple in Ambarnath, which is nearby.

    Best time to visit: October to April

    Distance from Mumbai:  56 km


  13. Lonavla and Khandala

    m_Lonavala1Image Credits: Flickr – solarisgirl

    A favourite among city people, these destinations often sees a deluge of tourists especially during the rainy season. This is when the entire landscape is filled with greenery and waterfalls. Their nature rich atmosphere of lakes, valleys and lush pastures make them an irresistible haunt. Some of the attractions here are Rajmachi Fort, Duke’s Nose, Bushy Dam, Karla and Bhaja Cave and Tungarli Lake.

    m_Lonavala 2Image Credits: Flickr – Arjun Singh Kulkarni

    Good to know: Those with a sweet tooth, shouldn’t miss buying fresh walnut chocolate fudge from Maganlal.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Distance from Mumbai: 83 km

  14. Malshej Ghat

    A pictorial destination, Malshej Ghat in Thane district welcomes you with gorgeous mountains, pretty lakes and gushing waterfalls. It is also a trove for bird lovers with sightings of cuckoos, flamingos, crakes, rails and quails. Trekking is another sought-after activity here at the Ajoba Hill, Darkoba Hills and Jivdhan Chavand Fort.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai:  186 km

  15. Murud-Janjira

    m_Murud-Janjira 1Image Credits: Flickr – Ashwin Kumar

    Famed for its fort, this destination tucked away in Raigarh district, Maharashtra also makes for a relaxing sojourn. For the beachaholic city dwellers, the twin islands offer the pleasure of endless sands and waters. While not lazing by the beach, you can visit nearby historic and architectural attractions such as the Janjira marine fort,  Datta Mandir, Gol Gumbaz, Nawab Palace, Garamdi Dam and more.

    m_Murud-Janjira 2Image Credits: Flickr – Vikas Rana

    Good to know: The Golden Swan Resort is a sought-after stay here due to its location of being by the beach.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 162 km

  16. Karjat

    Lounging on the Konkan coast, at the foothills of Matheran, Karjat offers the perfect avenue for a short getaway from the city. In this simple village, you get to soak in refreshing air and untainted nature. Notable places of visit include rock cut Kondana Caves that give you a glimpse of Buddhist culture as well as Peth Fort that offers impressive views of the vista.

    Good to know: The untouched settings make the perfect playground for adventure activities such as river rafting, trekking, hiking and mountain climbing.

    Best time to visit: June to October

    Distance from Mumbai: 62 km

  17. Kashid

    m_KashidImage Credits: Flickr – Rahul Bulbule

    Those who want to revel in the beach atmosphere but want to miss out on the overcrowded counterparts can head straight to Kashid. The water body here sits pretty amidst hillocks and plentiful casuarinas groves. When at this town, one can also pay a visit to Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, Nawab’s Palace and Ganpati Pule temple.

    Good to know: The high waves here make it ideal for surfing. Though the same is to be strictly avoided during the monsoons. If one wishes, they can also opt for camping by a private beach.

    Distance from Mumbai: 124 km

  18. Igatpuri

    m_Igatpuri 1Image Credits: Flickr – Jeremy Weate

    Amidst the splendours of Western Ghats, Igatpuri is another weekend option that can be looked into. It is especially known for its Vipasana meditation centre which lures people from across the country. Trekking to Tringalwadi Fort, that offers sweeping views of the horizon (including the highest peak of the Sahyadris) is another popular thing to do at this hill station

    m_Igatpuri 1Image Credits: Flickr – Kashif Pathan

    Good to know: Vaitarna Dam, Bhatsa River Valley and Camel Valley are other attractions worth visiting.

    Best time to visit: June to September, November to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 120 km

  19. Bhandardara

    For some good times with the company of nature, whisk yourself away to Bhandardara. The holiday resort village is placed in the mighty Sahyadris in Ahmednagar district. Resting by the Pravara River, it pleases with Mother Earth’s splendour, cascades, mountains, green sights and unspoiled atmosphere.

    Good to know: When here, you can unwind by the Ratangad Fort and Randha Falls.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Distance from Mumbai: 165 km

  20. Kolad

    m_Kolad 1Image Credits: Flickr – Priyanka Roy Chaudhury

    Those looking for some rip-roaring times can dash off to Kolad that rests by the Kundalika River in  Raigad district. Apart from the water body, the landscape enchants with cascades and mountains making it ideal for river-rafting, trekking and camping. Tourist spots include Kuda Caves displaying ancient inscriptions and Tala Fort which lies amidst a jungle and offers great sights.

    m_Kolad 2Image Credits: Flickr –  Priyanka Roy Chaudhury

    Best time to visit: June to February

    Distance from Mumbai: 121 km

  21. Dahanu

    For a fine day by the unsullied beach fringed by coconut trees, scamper away to Dahanu which is positioned on the border of Gujrat. Vibrant flower gardens and lovely fruit orchids further make this place a riveting place. Dahanu Fort, Asavli Dam as well as Kalpataru Botanical Garden are some of the tourist spots here.

    Good to know: Sunset by the beach is especially spectacular.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 136 km

  22. Daman

    m_DamanImage Credits: Flickr – Rajarshi MITRA

    Sojourn at Daman for a feel of fine cultural legacy and tranquil silver beaches fringed with palm trees. Huddled between Maharashtra and Gujarat, this region goes back about 2000 years. Come here during festival season and you will feel the celebrations in the air with beautifully decorated parks.

    Good to know: Those into shopping can buy handicrafts, bamboo mats and baskets over here.

    Best time to visit: October to April

    Distance from Mumbai: 171 km

  23. Shirdi

    m_ShirdiImage Credits: Flickr – New Delhices

    A highly venerated pilgrim centre of the country, Shirdi sees a steady flow of worshippers who pay their respects to saint Sai Baba. Places to visit here include Abdul Baba cottage, Dixit Wada Museum, Gurusthan and House of Laxmi Bai Shinde others.

    Good to know: To avoid great amounts of crowd, try coming here during off season.

    Best time to visit: January to December

    Distance from Mumbai:  239 km

  24. Saputara

    Reeling in nature’s allure, Saputara lies in Dang district, Gujarat. The hill station is perfect for those looking for a wholesome jaunt. Culture vultures can pay a visit to the Artist Village that showcases the native culture of the place whereas wildlife enthusiasts can tour the Vansada National Park and Purna Sanctuary. Nature lovers can saunter off to Sunrise and Sunset Points, Gira Falls, as well as Rose and Step Gardens.

    Good to know: If you are here during winters, make sure you carry warm clothes.

    Best time to visit: October to February

    Distance from Mumbai: 248 km

  25. Nashik

    m_Nashik 2Image Credits: Flickr – Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

    Lounging on the banks of river Godavari, Nasik provides a fine blend of tradition and modernity. A main attraction here is its vineyards that offer a comprehensive tour and experience. Temples and forts are other highlights of the place.

    m_Nashik 1Image Credits: Flickr – Venkataramesh Kommoju

    Good to know: You can either book a wine tour through operators or directly.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 167 km

  26. Dandeli

    A perfect amalgamation of adventure and nature, Dandeli lies in North Karnataka. Apart from the uber popular white water rafting, the other sports here include kayaking, coracle rides, trekking and nature trails. Wildlife enthusiasts can engage in a safari at Dandeli Anshi Tiger reserve and Bhagwan Mahaveer sanctuary.

    Good to know: To truly enjoy the ruggedness of nature, a camping experience is recommended.

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Distance from Mumbai: 567 km

  27. Goa

    Goa Image Credits: Flickr – Steve Hancocks

    A rather adored destination among the denizens of Mumbai, Goa comes highly recommended. For it is here that you can forget all your worries and wallow in the holiday spirit. Sandy beaches, hippy vibe, water sports, quaint Portuguese monuments, beautiful churches, party haunts and endless booze define this place.

    Good to know: Those who want to enjoy the low key side of Goa can come here during the monsoons.

    Best time to visit: October to February

    Distance from Mumbai: 603 km

  28.  Aurangabad

    m_AurangabadImage Credits: Flickr – Girish Khosla

    Taking you back to a glorious Mughal era, Aurangabad harbours monuments, places of worships, gardens and museums. Key attractions of the place comprise the stunning Bibi ka Maqbara, tomb of Aurangzeb, Aurangabad caves, Daulatabad Fort and Shivaji Museum. One can buy Paithani and Himroo textiles as well as Bidri work wares.

    Good to know: Combine your trip with a tour of the renowned Ajanta and Ellora caves that are close by.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 370 km

  29. Silvassa

    Situated in Dadra and Nagar Haveli union territory, Silvassa harbours many delights. This comprises scenic splendours, Portugese remnants, wildlife and more. Find out about the indigenous Wari tribe at the Tribal Cultural Museum, spot several species of birds at Satmaliya Deer Park or engage in water sports at Dudhni.

    Good to know: The destination is also a trove for trekking enthusiasts.

    Best time to visit: November to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 167 km

  30.  Tarkarli

    m_Tarkarli 2Image Credits: Flickr – Nilanjan Sasmal

    Plonked in Malvan region of Maharshtra, Tarkarli entices with its unblemished shores and the prominent Sindhudurg Fort. The waters here are apt for sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and rafting. Temples of Bharadi Devi, Laxmi Narayana and Kunkeshwar can also be visited when at this coastal village.

    m_Tarkarli 1Image Credits: Flickr – Nilanjan Sasmal

    Good to know: If you are lucky, you can also spot dolphins while on a tour of the waters.

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Distance from Mumbai: 531 km

Depending the time at hand and choice of holiday, you can plan an exciting trip to these destinations.

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