Ladakh redefined!

Imagination TOLL 1

Imagine yourself amidst majestic mountains with only nature for company. Watch as the skies change and the different realms of the universe converge in the near distance over the breathtaking Pangong and TsoMoriri lakes.

Imagination TOLL 2

With only horses, yaks and a few other forms of wildlife as company, you will feel one with nature. Watch as the monasteries light a spark in your heart with their magical love.

Imagination TOLL 3

From barren deserted lands to green pastures, crystal clear blue waters and starry skies, if you had to imagine heaven on earth, it would be Ladakh.

Imagination TOLL 4

This time lapse journey of Ladakh will take you through emotions which you wouldn’t have imagined before. Your thoughts will shift from an initial bout of amazement to extreme awe to a tingling regret and finally a pure thought of brilliance.

Final Destination

The 5 minutes that you’ll spend watching this video is something you’ll never regret. Go ahead and see for yourself.

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