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The best part of travelling is arriving and exploring your destination. Everything else that comes before is typically a drag. Cramming your life into a suitcase, check. Overpaying for fares, check. Sitting uncomfortably next to strangers, check. Travelling should be fun and easy, not stressful and back-breaking. So here is us bringing in hacks for one of the biggest holiday stressors: travel. Our list of 23 travel hacks for Indian travellers is a must- know while on the road to make travelling a breeze!

  1. Be An Online Ninja

    Travel Hacks - OnlineBooking_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, FERNANDO SANCHEZ

    The confusing task of booking tickets leaves even the most experienced travellers uneasy. It’s always good to buy six to eight weeks out of your travel dates, except for holidays. Buy tickets mid-week and travel on weekdays. Use an incognito browser and clear cache before booking tickets online. Collect miles, every single time. You’ll thank us later.

  2. First Aid For Unprecedented Sickness


    It is safer to take precautions rather than feeling flustered while on your trip. Carry essential painkillers, antacids, antibacterial creams and antibiotics with your check-in luggage. They will be useful while you are away, just in case of unexpected ailments like flu, allergies, fever, cough or even motion sickness.

  3. Book Last Minute For Unplanned Trips

    LastMinuteBooking_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, HERNÁN PIÑERA

    When it comes to an unplanned or last minute trip, the perfect time is to book one or three days before your travel date. The availability may be low, but the possibilities of lowered prices open up to fill in the vacant seats. Use this only as a last resort as the window of opportunity is pretty small.

  4. Essentials Go In Your Carry-On Pack

    TravelBag_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, DO8Y

    Always remember to stack away important things in a fanny pack during your journey. You do not want to leave them in your check-in luggage and later suffer by not having access to it. Keep vital essentials like wet wipes, camera, passport, money, ear plugs, travel insurance, scarves and a book etc. to make your journey more comfortable and stress-free.

  5. Fragile Sticker Does The Trick

    FragileBaggage_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, FRIEND JAD

    How many times have you been irritated because of the late arrival of your checked-in luggage? We know exactly how you feel. One great tip to ensure that your baggage is handled correctly is to request your check-in personnel to put a fragile sticker on it. Your luggage is kept at the top because of this, making it one of the first bags to be released.

  6. Split and Stash: The Money Game


    We always tend to keep our money in one place: our wallets! Come on, isn’t that obvious? But consider the possibility of getting mugged (not that we want you to). Always split your cash and stash it in different places like your pocket, jewellery box, make-up kit, toiletry case, socks, sunglasses case etc. This way, you’ll never risk losing everything together!

  7. Make Your Luggage Tag Unique


    Most travellers have similar colour luggage bags making it an ardent task to differentiate yours from theirs. Awkward! One easy solution is to make your luggage tag unique by tying a coloured ribbon on the handle. This will make it easier for you to pick your bags without checking the name tags of every single passenger bags. Instant-chic!

  8. Jewellery Goes In Pill Containers

    PillContainer_StayzillaCREDITS: BLOG, LIMITLESS

    For all you women out there, we understand the pain you go through when all your jewellery get tangled in that damned pouch! Here is a useful tip – use pill containers and organise your earrings, chains and rings. Say goodbye to intertwined jewellery that takes a lifetime to untangle. You’re sorted! Isn’t that one of the cool travel hacks for Indian travellers?

  9. The Ultimate Packing Hack

  10. Get A Portable Travel Charger


    You leave home with your phone fully charged and by the time you reach your destination, the battery has completely drained. That uneasy feeling of not having a working phone to call, check messages or check-in on social media is one feeling well understood. Invest in a good charger and charge it up before you depart and you’re sorted. Remember to recharge too!

  11. Ask For Free Wi-Fi


    If you are staying in one place for an extended period of time, make sure you get the Wi-Fi password and save it on your phone. This will save you thousands of cellular data costs! Some places may be hesitant to give up their passwords but if you have the skills to convince them, you will be just in luck. All you have to do is ask.

  12. Cables Go In Your Sunglasses Case

    CablesSunglasses_StayzillaCREDITS: BLOG, A PINCH OF LOVELY

    Remember that dreadful feeling when you dig into your bag to find your earphones and come out with a knotted bundle of chaos? Here’s a hack – use your sunglasses case for storing your cables including your chargers and any other wires. This will help you to keep them all in one place and also from losing your mind. We promise.

  13. Stay With The Locals, Ask Them Anything

    StayWithLocals_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, YU-JEN SHIH 

    The best travel experiences lie in going offbeat, embarking on the road less taken, taking up challenges and experiencing the world like never before. Open up to home-stays and stay in the local neighbourhood with the local people. From food joints to travel tips, from places to see to directions in their city, ask them anything!

  14. Eat Locally, Live Locally

  15. Buy Groceries In Local Stores

    LocalGroceries_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, INNACOZ

    Those late night hunger pangs can dig a deep hole in your pockets every time you order room service. How about this easy hack for the cravings for knick-knacks? When you arrive, scout for nearby grocery stores and pick out any necessary items such as water bottles and snacks to save a lot!

  16. Public Transport – Everywhere!

    LocalAuto_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, S VIVEK

    “When in Rome, do as the Romans”. This literally translates as “Don’t be a stubborn traveller and get out of your comfort zone”. Follow the local ways, skip the expensive taxis and step out into the sun. Take the local transport to get around – the bills saved from getting around will come in handy elsewhere. These travel hacks will truly take you places.

  17. Keep Copies Of All Documents

    TravelDocuments_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, LUCAS

    Scan your passport, itinerary and identification cards before you leave and email them to yourself. Better still, print out a couple of copies and keep them with you. This way, you will have an extra copy of each of these, in the event of any theft or loss. You can additionally open these documents on your phone and save them as images for an offline record.

  18. Rise Early, Get First Dibs

    EarlyMorning_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, ERIC PARKER

    A vacation is your prized time to relax and stay in bed until late. But as the saying goes, “The early bird catches the worm”. Most places see a huge gathering of crowds later in the day making it difficult to get around in peace (and for good pictures). So rise and shine and hit those places as soon as they open to get the best of it and of course, for first dibs.

  19. Save Locations Using Google Maps Offline


    OK Maps is a feature very few travellers know. This allows you to use Google Maps offline, just in case you do not have internet connectivity on your phone. Just type “Ok Maps” and save the area you wish to track for offline access later.  This one is an absolute life saver to find your hotel or a restaurant.

  20. Local Language – Just Try!


    When it comes to exploring a new location, it’s best to take that extra measure. Use the local language as much as possible. This way, it will seem like you are willing to make an effort and can work in your favour in various situations. From getting around through the place to avoid getting ripped off during shopping, these travel hacks of the local language can be pretty useful.

  21. Blankets = Scarves, Pillows = Jackets

    ScarfBlanket_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, JEN R

    The smartest way to travel is to travel light. Wear your heaviest coat and boots to reduce the weight of your bags. Carry a scarf or a sarong to double up as a blanket when you feel cold. Alternatively, you can use it to hide from the sun. Use your jacket as a pillow to sleep comfortably during your journey. You’ll thank us later.

  22. Follow Travel Brands On Social Media

    SocialMedia_StayzillaCREDITS: FLICKR, JASON HOWIE

    One of the best travel hacks for Indians is to follow travel companies, airlines and accommodation websites to keep a tab on contests, offers, free trips, buy-ins and flash sales. Social Media is a huge platform for these companies to brand themselves. So use this knowledge and regularly check their updates – you might just get an awesome deal for your next trip with these travel hacks.

  23. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone


    The one thing every traveller must do is explore the world and take back exciting memories of a lifetime. Try to steer away from fixed itineraries as these will just make your holiday tiresome instead of being a relaxing affair. Create a list of things you wish to do/see, search and research and ask other travellers on travel communities. Make friends along the way, rendezvous with the locals and meet people who don’t speak your language.

    Experience the best of travel with these travel hacks!

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