William Blake once said, “When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy, And the dimpling stream runs laughing by, When the air does laugh with our merry wit, And the green hill laughs with the noise of it.”

Wake up to misty hills, with the sounds of the Ganges snaking its way through the valleys and the sights of the mighty snow­clad Himalayas perfectly lined across the horizon. With the sweet melodies of birds whispering in all their morning glory, the secrets of the forests will always be a mystery.

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

Welcome to the Kashi of the North, the quaint town of Uttarkashi that holds the magical home of Deependar, who’s charming host story from Uttarakhand finds it’s way in our Stayzilla Diaries.

As the pillows in the skies make way for the first rays of warmth, Deependar is blessed with these sights and sounds every single day. His passion: to share this feeling and his experiences with his guests, to host extraordinary people and learn from their experiences. The past 22 years has been a blissful journey, for opening his doors to travellers from over 153 countries has been life­changing for Deependar.

It all started when Deependar’s father noticed his interest in tourism and the outdoors. With a mentor from the hospitality industry, Deependar went on to pursue his dream to create opportunities not just for travellers, but also for the local people in order the contribute to the economy of the town. With varied interests such as trekking, mountaineering and nature walks, Deependar is keen on learning from others experiences which help him grow as a host, thus making his host story from Uttarakhand hold a special page in our Stayzilla Diaries.

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

Deependar believes that travelling unites people. The best thing about hosting for him is meeting new people every day and sharing new thoughts. He has met people who have quit their jobs and taken a 4-­year break to travel across the world.

Being an abode for all kind of travellers, the Homestay gets its name from the state bird of Monal. Located at a convenient distance of 2 kilometres from the bus station, Deependar offers to pick up guests to come to his beautiful home that overlooks the Ganges – a remarkable sight to behold!

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

With a homely environment and a promise of great conversations, being close to nature is what makes it special. A beautiful garden adorned with nature’s riches welcomes guests while one crosses over to the porch with a beautiful sitting space to enjoy a warm cup of tea. While witnessing the marvels of nature surrounding the stay, the home is adorned with tasteful decor that makes one feel truly at home.

Delicious Indian vegetarian food is offered to guests, sprinkled with not just flavour, but also with love. One can explore this elegant Home­stay and experience an interesting interaction with Deependar, who is keen to interact with his guests.

Deependar’s Host Story from Uttarakhand talks bout his home in Uttarkashi, for it makes for a perfect abode where both nature lovers and adventure seekers can create exceptional memories. Deependar suggests that one can walk around the property to explore the scenic views and take a walk around the village to experience the culture. Day hikes and trekking options are plenty, especially with recommended experiences for guests like the Gaumukh Trek.

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

The home is a unique place to be, for it is away from the crowded town centre, making for a peaceful exploration. With a forest in the backdrops of the home, Deependar recommends guests to engage in thrilling experiences with cycling, bird watching and nature walks or just laze around to seek peace in the lap of nature.

Deependar is a great host who is keen on hosting different types of travellers. It’s time to open up to new experiences and find a home away from home with Deependar, for this is his charming Host Story from Uttarakhand.

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