So, you’re ‘single’!

The world around you (read, relationship freaks), will look down upon you and snigger ‘It’s so awful!’. But, trust me, it’s the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. Wear it as your armour and it can never be used to hurt you.

A decade ago, after the end of an impossible romance, all I wanted was solace, not advice.

The fear of losing was gone and I decided to embark on a solo road trip on a motorbike to Pachmarhi. Of course, naysayers, haters and those who cared tried to stop me. But my mind was made.

The Beginning Of Something Exciting

Solo Travel

The journey down the road unknown began.

It was exciting yet scary in the beginning. When no one knows you, you enjoy freedom without restraint.

While on the road, bouts of loneliness gripped me sometimes, but those tough moments eventually ended up making me stronger. The baggage of being in a relationship was gone, I realized the value of freedom. The past was left behind forever and for the better.


To Making Acquaintances

Solo Travel

Sensing the need for a new beginning, I decided to meet new people and mingle with fellow travelers.

However, I didn’t want to be seen as some creep by striking conversations with random strangers on my way. I wanted to converse and make friends with strangers without being invasive, which is why I decided to look for some accommodation.


My Homestay Experience

Solo Travel

Hotels were not an option as I wasn’t in a mind frame to be treated professionally. I was looking for an emotional touch. I was looking to stay at a place where I get to live with a family unknown to me. An artist’s family was preferable. So, I decided to book a Homestay owned by a renowned local painter while on my way to Pachmarhi. I was excited to be there after traveling for a day. As soon as I reached, the painter’s family welcomed me with a traditional customary dance, followed by a delicious meal. I sat back and simply enjoyed the entire experience.

Post dinner, I walked around the Homestay along with the family members. The night was riveting and the place looked surreal.

In the morning, the painter came to wake me up. Having freshened up, I treated my taste buds to some delicious breakfast and conversed with him for hours. He showed me his work and gave me a few tips on painting as well. The experience of staying in the Homestay changed my perception towards the whole idea of living with strangers.


What I Took Away

Solo Travel

Travelling solo opened up new frontiers of my mind. It eradicated my fears of being a lone wolf. Exploring new places, meeting new people, making lifelong friends while living at their Homestay, all seemed like lucrative ideas.

I met potters, painters, street actors, sculptors and many passionate artists during my journey. I made new friends, savoured the tastiest delicacies of my life, and started living with people I didn’t know.

So, experience the beauty of solitude! Discover and explore the joy of solo travel. Get out of your comfort zone, travel alone, and meet unknown people. This will make you feel anew and gear you up for beautiful beginnings.

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