From your favorite author to the actor you can’t seem to get enough of, everyone has a story just like yours.

Introducing Blazing Trails. This series will chart the humble beginnings of some select trailblazers in the country. From the place they grew up in, to the local hot spots that influenced their art, each piece will shed some light on the finer details that make these people who they’re. 

The best part? We’ll create an itinerary around their place of origin, giving you the opportunity to experience their life like never before.

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Ruskin Bond. Author extraordinaire and lover of all things nature. His life serves as a stark reminder that no matter how far you travel, you eventually come back home to find your true calling.

As a kid, Bond moved around a lot, spending most of his early years in Indian cities like Jamnagar, Delhi, Shimla, and Dehradun. But after a relatively nomadic life, he came back to the one place that had undeniably influenced him—Mussoorie.

If you want to better understand the magical mind of Bond and the inspiration behind his relatable and true-to-life style of writing, Mussoorie (Landour to be specific) is a place you should definitely visit.

Where You Begin

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To start off, you can book a cozy Homestay in Landour using and begin your trail.

In chronological order, you should visit Dehradun first. Ruskin Bond spent a majority of his childhood in this town and you’ll find multiple references to the place in his early work. Dehradun is located at a distance of 35 km from Landour, which means you’ll have an entire day to explore the valley town.

Credits: Flickr/Paul Hamilton/CC BY-SA 2.0

While in Dehradun, do explore the market across the Ghanta Ghar (clock tower), which has time and again found a place in Bond’s short stories.

Step Closer

Next, you can start exploring Landour, where Bond presently resides.

There’s much to do in Landour. You can visit Chaar Dukaan, a collection of shops on the edge of a beautiful valley, or watch the glorious sunset at Lal Tibba. Munch on some delectable delights at Rokeby, a British bungalow that doubles as a hotel and a cafe.

Credits: Flickr/Paul Hamilton/CC BY-SA 2.0

If you actually want to meet Bond, you can head to his home in Ivy Cottage, Landour. But remember to not go knocking during the daytime because that’s when Bond usually takes his afternoon siesta!

If barging into his door seems like an invasion of privacy, you can alternatively visit the Cambridge Book Depot in Mussoorie Mall Road where he appears every day for book signings.

If you have some extra time in your hand, do visit Kempty Fall, Everest’s House, and Gun Hill Ropeway, all in Mussoorie.

Let us know how this Ruskin Bond trail works out for you in the comments below.

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