A trip where you’re constantly worried about your pet, whom you have left with a friend or a relative, is no fun. And once you have a canine (or feline) companion, you wouldn’t ever want to part ways with them.

So how do you travel without dissolving into a pool of anxiety at the thought of your pet locked up somewhere?

Introducing pet-friendly stays.

While the concept of pet-friendly stays is relatively new in India, plenty have cropped up in the recent past. Most come with basic amenities for your pet, like food, bedding, plenty of playing ground, and most importantly, your presence.

Want to travel with your pet? Here are 6 pet-friendly stays you can consider for your next vacation:

Stay In Ahmedabad

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Stay In Covelong

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Stay In Bardez


Stay In Mumbai


Stay In Guwahati

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Stay In Vagator

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That rounds up our list of pet-friendly stays in India. Found something you like? Book now at Stayzilla.com and give your pets the holiday they deserve.

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