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Gramam at Kovalam: Kerala Village Fair

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You can never be in love with Kerala for just one reason. Your January affair with Kerala is most likely going to be at the Kovalam beach. This is where ‘Gramam’, the ‘Kerala Village Fair’ is being hosted. The scheduled dates for the Kerala village fair are January 14th to January 24th and the event is happening at Eve’s beach in Kovalam.

What happens at the Kerala village fair?

Festive vibes breeze through the decorated  ‘Nalukettu’ houses (traditional quadrangular bungalows with open courtyards) in these ten days, where beautiful art exhibitions, music, folk art performances, martial art shows come alive. Mohiniyattam and Kathakali (classical dance forms), Oppana (folk dance), Kalaripayattu (traditional martial arts) and other art forms can be witnessed in amphitheaters. The energy is impeccable.

A brief about Kovalam

Popular for its ‘Lighthouse beach’ located on a hillock, by the Arabian sea, Kovalam is a coastal town in Thiruvananthapuram city of Kerala. ‘Kovalam’ means ‘a grove of coconut trees’. You will find yourself in this groove. Most of Kovalam’s festivals take place during the first three months of the year.



CREDITS: FLICKR, smruti_damania

9 Interesting facts | Nearby places to stay

  1. “In the oriental art tradition, the relation between the Guru and the Shishya is exemplary. Among traditional performing arts of Kerala, Mohiniyattam along with Kathakali fascinated Western artistes even in the early 20th century.” – V. Kaladharan in ‘Mohiniyattam:  a cultivated art form’

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  2. “In the absence of a well-defined structure, Mohiniyattam had earned qualifiers like ‘poor cousin of Bharatanatyam , ‘an off-shoot of Kathakali ‘ and so on during the 60s and the 70s. This had motivated quite a few dancers to make serious attempts to provide the dance form with an identity indigenous to Kerala.” – G. S. Paul in ‘Devoted to art’

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  3. “Kudiyattam plays, always based on classical Sanskrit texts, many of them composed in Kerala, invariably include a long nirvahanam or “retrospective” in which a character reveals, mostly by the silent language of hand- and eye-gestures, abhinaya, the long process that has brought him or her to the present moment in the play.” – David Shulman in ‘Creating and Destroying the Universe in Twenty-Nine Nights’

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  4. “Kathakali has become a world-famous dance-drama within the least fifteen years. Nearly every foreigner who visits Kerala wants to see a Kathakali performance.” – Philip Zarrilly in ‘p.xi (The Kathakali complex)’

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  5. “Hasthalakshanadeepika, the ancient Sanskrit classical text on the dances of Kerala, mentions 24 basic mudras or hand-gestures, which are in use in the classical dance dramas of Kerala. Mohiniyattam, in particular, uses them.” – H. Ramakrishnan in ‘Treatise on Mohiniyattam’

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  6. “A 2000 year old art form and still going strong- That is Koodiyattom … Literally meaning, ‘Dancing Together,’ and officially recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, ‘Koodiyattam,’ or ‘Kutiyattam,’ is a form of Sanskrit theatre, traditionally performed in the state of Kerala.” – Kiran Ravindran in ‘Koodiyattom’

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  7. “One is struck by the beauty and charm of the temple architecture – harmonious conglomeration of both Kerala and Tamil styles of architecture.” – Biju Mathew, in ‘Pilgrimage to Temple Heritage’

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  8. “Kerala ‘s capital Tiruvanathapuram or Trivandrum which is infinitely easier to say and write was named after the Serpent God Anantha, on whom Lord Vishnu reclines.” – Aline Dobbie, in ‘India: The Elephant’s Blessing’

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  9. Some ritualistic folk arts of Kerala are Pulikali, Theyyam, Villupattu, Panchavadyam, Pavakkoothu and Kakkarisi Natakam.

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