There’s no denying that India has a treasure trove of unique experiences and rich heritage. From the snow-capped peaks of Himachal Pradesh and the ancient, awe-inspiring forts of Rajasthan to the vibrant beaches of Goa and the centuries-old temples of Karnataka, there’s something for every traveler here.

Do we have a steady influx of tourists from different parts of the world visiting various parts of our wondrous country? Of course!

Can we do something to further enhance said influx? Most definitely!

Presenting 7 ways you can help make India a more tourist-friendly country:

Clean For (More Than) A Day


Yes, you have heard this multiple times before. Yet, we as citizens, have collectively failed to ensure a clean India. It’s quite simple when you think of it. Would you ever go back to a place laden with garbage and dirt? No. Thus our sad state of garbage disposal and overall unkemptness means no repeat tourists. If you truly believe in the cause, there are multiple cleanliness drives being organised across the country. Or better yet, you can start your own and rally your neighbours to help out.

A Dash Of Kindness


Twitter might disagree but we Indians are inherently kind people. Why not be our kindest self at all times, given that tourists, especially those from outside India, are completely out of their depths when they arrive. Helping out lost tourists, being inviting, and having a generally cheerful demeanor are just some of the things you can do to be welcoming towards tourists.

Vandalism Is For Jerks


Shyam loves Reeta. We get it. Now if only this message, and others like it, didn’t greet tourists who have traveled quite a bit to see a revered historic monument. Vandalism has been such a deeply ingrained problem for the otherwise blossoming tourism scene of the country that counteractive measures need to be taken. Do your part. If you see someone professing their love for someone on the walls of a monument (or any public place, really), step up and call them out!

Be Watchful, At All Times


See a shady cab or auto driver haggling a tourist? Or a tour guide ripping off a foreigner? Jump right in and help the person. These little acts of kindness go a long way in helping build a better image of the country and its people. Also, karma works in strange ways and being a decent human being back home might just help you out when you’re the tourist.

Open Up Your Home


Budget travel is undoubtedly the best. Why not contribute to the movement and transform your extra living space into a homestay for tourists? Extra income aside, the mere experience of having people from all across the country and the world sharing their stories with you, and being a part of your life for a couple of days is worth it! If you’re not really sure what a homestay is, well, head to and find out what we’re talking about!

There you have it! These are just some of the steps, you, the citizens, can take to make India a more welcoming place for tourists. Have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below.


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