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While the trees sway merrily to the charming songs of the hills and the morning birds chirp to welcome the bright sunrise, a mystery awaits you atop the calm mountains of Uttarakhand. Holding a million surprises, the district of Chamoli that borders Tibet is home to the village of Gopeshwar, the beautiful village where all the magic happens.

A cosmic orchestra of memorable experiences”, is how Tulsi, the owner of this Uttarakhand Homestay, defines it. The past five years have been an absolute bliss since Tulsi opened up her home to travellers. A few years back, after retiring from her full-time job, Tulsi had a wish. A wish to give back to society, give back to her hometown, to the people and the little children in her town.

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

With an aim to engage herself in something that would bring joy, Tulsi aimed to create opportunities and jobs for the locals, to help them spend more time at home than away. What started as a plan to uplift women ended up with Tulsi realizing a new dream – to become a host, something that came naturally to her, and with that, Tulsi realizes, that the puzzles of her dreams fit perfectly together.

Tulsi holds a deep love for cooking and gardening and with her quaint eco-friendly home nestled amidst the backdrops of the Himalayas, she believed that she could offer travellers something more than just a regular travel experience. The comfort of staying at her Homestay is a perfect recluse to experience peace and explore the wonders of nature.

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

The Homestay is located in a pristine location, spinning right off the main street, making it easily accessible to guests and yet, offering them a blissful serenity to seek themselves amidst the peace of the mountains. With three beautiful rooms, named ‘Peaches’, ‘Pears’ and the ‘Cottage’, Tulsi prefers to welcome guests herself when they visit her home with a warm cup of tea.

A great aspect to relish at Tulsi’s Homestay is the delectable food. She offers her guests organic food from the heart, with a pinch of love and hospitality. With Tulsi’s in-depth interest in gardening, the Homestay has a beautiful garden and field, that grows organic vegetables, fruits, rice, and wheat, including milk and eggs among other home-grown produce. Taking pride in her eco-friendly initiatives, Tulsi is more than happy to show you around the place and take you through how everything works. Guests are showered with this exquisite organic food, a hearty meal to look forward to engaging themselves in an extraordinary experience.

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

When asked about her own Homestay experience as a guest, Tulsi fondly remembers a visit to Rajasthan where she was welcomed to spend a few days with a family whose hospitality blew her away. The home cooked food and the dining experience with the hosts was, as Tulsi says, “courteous and they took care of us throughout.” It was an experience she will never forget and which made her realize the hospitality she could offer as a host.

“The experience of being a host is absolutely lovely. I have met and interacted with people from different countries. It is quite an experience knowing them and sharing experiences.”

Host Story from Uttarakhand _ Stayzilla

Tulsi is a great host who is keen on meeting new people and sharing travel stories with. Her home is open to one and all, from those who wish to indulge in nature and take a walk amidst the forests in her backyard, to those who wish to relax and experience a warm hospitality. It’s time to open up to new experiences with this Host Story from Uttarakhand and find a home away from home at Tulsi’s home, in the heart of Uttarakhand.

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