A road trip from Mumbai to Goa might sound pretty routine. But there’s no harm in dabbling in the routine when it involves crossing a path as picturesque and thrilling as the Mumbai-Goa highway.

Come join us we embark on a journey from Mumbai to Goa this New Year’s.

Presenting a fun fact sheet to get you started:

Mumbai to Goa


You can pick from the following two routes when traveling from Mumbai to Goa:

Mumbai to Goa


Detours are aplenty in a road trip. Here are a few you can take.

Mumbai to Goa


Road trip and food stops go together like Sherlock and Watson. We’ve some special eateries hand-picked for you.

Mumbai to Goa


How (and what) you pack can often dictate how well your road trip will be. We’ve got you covered on that front too!

Mumbai to Goa


Finally, here are some Homestays in Goa you can check out:

Mumbai to Goa Mumbai to Goa                    Mumbai to Goa 7d-stay-119647                    Mumbai to Goa

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Make this New Year’s magical with our special road trip guide!

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