Continuing our journey up north, here’s the next road trip of our Explore on Wheels series; Delhi to Nainital.

Buckle your seat belts, stock up on some munchies, and hit the gas!

Here’s a fun fact sheet to help you begin the journey:

Delhi to Nainital


Next up, we have some interesting routes you can take while journeying from Delhi to Nainital:

Delhi to Nainital


One of the best things about embarking on a road trip is that you can stop wherever you want or take a detour. To help you experience the best of this road trip, we have put together some pitstops you can head to while travelling:

Delhi to Nainital


Is any journey complete without gorging on copious amounts of mouth-watering food? Of course, not! Here are some of the places you can stop at while travelling from Delhi to Nainital:

Delhi to Nainital


Thought we would leave you without our list of packing essentials? Here you go:

Delhi to Nainital

We have the accomodation bit sorted as well! Check out these amazing Homestays in Nainital and visit to find others that suit your fancy.

Delhi to Nainital explore1j                          Delhi to Nainital

Great! Now you’re all set to go on an adventure of epic proportions! Bon Voyage and look out for more road trip guides from Stayzilla Explore.

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