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Visually appealing places possess you instantly. When you set foot on the land of Darjeeling, you wonder if the sight you gaze upon is an outcome of fairy dust sprinkled on you earlier. Take the largest ropeway in Asia, the ‘Rangit Valley Ropeway’ and you are on cloud nine, they say. Passing through the clouds and viewing acres of tea lands from above is a pleasant imagination, no doubt. How about a train ride amidst the hills with glimpses of tea farms as the Himalayan breeze kisses your face? Or a hike in the hills of the world’s third highest peak? You can experience the best of Darjeeling, dear explorer, by opting for the right homestay. One such homestay in Darjeeling is Eeza Homestay, a gem in town.

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Eeza Homestay, located in the Rose bank locality of Darjeeling, a kilometer away from the popular Burdwan palace and the Ava Art gallery is run by H.L. Sah and family.

Converted Homestay

When we asked the host, H. L. Sah what inspired him to convert his house into a Homestay, he said — “Firstly, we have a huge house, with a small family, and with the kids frequently travelling, the house is mostly vacant. So we wanted to do something new and different. We felt the best idea would be to go with something we loved doing, which is — hosting people.”

What makes Eeza Homestay unique?

It is a home away from home. You can enjoy the scenic view of the Mount Kanchenjunga range from almost every corner of the house — the rooms and the balcony.

A warm welcome with Darjeeling tea

The guests are welcomed with complimentary tea brewed with specially curated tea leaves from Darjeeling tea farms and local snacks.

Darjeeling tea_stayzilla


What type of food can guests expect?

Local food and variety of Indian food. Breakfast is included in the package. The other meals are cooked in house on prior request (chargeable) so there is enough time for preparation. Also, there are a good deal of restaurants in the vicinity.

Host recommendations

Tiger hill: for early morning sunrise.
Ropeway: a rope-rail that takes you to the tea gardens plus you enjoy the thrill of a rope-rail ride.
HMI: Himalayan mountaineering institute for trekkers.

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Rangit Valley Ropeway


Darjeeling is a beautiful, small town with simple, happy and content people. You must visit the various tea gardens, old monasteries and mountain ranges.


How far is the bus station or a cab (stand) from the stay?

“For those who enjoy hiking, everything is walking distance from Eeza. Since it’s a small town, everything is in close proximity of 4-5 kilometers max. For public transport there is shared cab that runs right from our doorstep till the town for just Rs. 15 per person. Or, one can reserve the full cab for just Rs. 90 up to the main town. The guests have to inform us in the morning for us to be able to organize the same. But to be able to enjoy the beauty of the hills, walking amidst them would be ideal.”

Special interests

When we asked Sah what is the best part about hosting, he said, “We (as a family) enjoy meeting new people, and having cultural exchange conversations. Our family consists of members with varied interest, commonly into literature, music and nature.”

Book lovers | Fitness freaks

Waking up to a wallpaper is every travellers’ dream. A few other details that make the homestay special are — the vast collection of books for the book lovers and the basic gym equipment for the fitness enthusiasts.

View from the homestay


A family of four can stay in one spacious room (with an attached bathroom) out of the three rooms for Rs. 1400 per day.

Host speak

What’s most important to us is to be present to welcome the guests, to make them feel comfortable. Otherwise, we feel the whole idea of a homestay would be defeated (i.e, if we are not there to attend to our guests). We consider and treat our guests the way we treat our family or extended family.

Do you have a message for the guests?

Welcome! Come be our guest anytime and return home with lots of warm memories, not just of Darjeeling, but of the stay, the relationship built…and the simplicity of life. — H. L. Sah

With the last stitch, let me insert this testimonial — “Mr. Sah and family are warm and adaptable hosts. They treat you like family.”

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