With love..
Mother's day_Stayzilla

Dear Mother,

Thank you, for…

teaching me the art of giving.

teaching me the importance of serving water to guests.

teaching me how to make a cup of tea.

teaching me my happiness is directly proportional to whom I serve.

teaching me that kindness always wins.

teaching me to think of others before I think of myself.

teaching me that I need to give my bedroom to my guests and sleep on the sofa.

teaching me biscuits make a cup of tea special.

teaching me the best gift to give your guests is your time.

teaching me guests are equivalent to gods.

teaching me how to say thank you when I am treated well.

teaching me the value of extra efforts.

teaching me how to open doors to others.

Thank you, for making me a good host.

You are a great host.

With love,

Your daughter


Happy Mother’s Day!


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