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Depinder Singh

Founder | Woofyz – A Social Petwork 

Founder | Pannu Securities

Business Leader

Dog Lover

Before founding Woofyz, Depinder had been associated with various verticals of internet and telecom ecosystem, in global markets such as India, US, Japan, Middle East, Asia and Africa. He had been a part of the leadership teams of multiple organizations including DeNA, Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions and Lifetree Convergence. He founded ‘Pannu Securities’.

About Woofyz

Woofyz is a multifaceted global platform bringing together pet parents, NGO’s and pet businesses on one platform; enabling them to connect and network across the pet ecosystem. The vision is to fulfill the evolving needs of every pet parent by enabling them to meet their social, medical, utilitarian and aspirational requirements.

Starting from a very elaborate social backbone, where the users can create profiles for their (multiple) pets and are enabled to connect with their breed globally, their location and the age group of their pets. This facilitates users to ask questions to their community or meeting other pets in the neighborhood and of course, share selfies!

The social backbone then gets extended to local businesses and a marketplace, where the users can search for their products and services using filters. It would include vets, groomers, trainers, kennels or pet products.

Coffee With Stayzilla: A Conversation With Depinder Singh

1. What was the inspiration behind Woofyz?

Being a parent of 3 dogs myself, I understand the challenges of pet parenting.

Woofyz was an idea I had been trying ‘not to do’ for some time now. I talked myself out of it, and I talked myself into it. By April 2014, I had finally made up my mind to give the Woofyz dream a chance to come alive and I set out to build something that I wished already existed.

It is a fact that for most of us, our lives revolve around pets. Whether it is about organising our real time or our virtual time – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.! I see people drive their pet to meet other pets or drive them just for an outing. I’ve seen them dress up their pets and do vacations at places that are pet-friendly.

This new phenomenon of ‘Pet Parenting’ has created challenges and opportunities alike; for both the new-found parents and pet businesses. Trying to bridge that gap between the challenges and opportunities made sense to me not only as a pet parent but also as a large evolving business opportunity.

2. Have you travelled with your dogs?

I, unfortunately, haven’t managed to travel a lot with them because while they were growing up, I wasn’t aware of too many pet-friendly stays here in India. Pet-friendly stays is a recent trend in India. I wish there was a platform like Stayzilla when my dogs were younger and smaller.

I usually only take them to farm houses as my dogs are big and need a lot of running space/play area and it’s also closer to home.

3. Which one would you choose and why?

Tree house | Jungle house | Boat house | Hill top house | Beach house | Tent | Skyscraper

Beach house, I am a sucker for the sound of waves, it really soothes me. My dogs love the water too, they will have ample space to splash and run around.

4. Most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel?

A Homestay called ‘Tranquiltea’ at Coonoor.

5. A message from Woofyz to all pet parents who travel with pets:

While on that road trip with your pets, take a lot of breaks, keep your pets hydrated, carry an emergency pet kit handy, also a comfortable carrier for them. Keep in mind the comfort of your pets at all times.

Are you a pet parent? Does your pet like travelling? If yes, click here to find your pet a pet-friendly stay.

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