Kathak dancer & animal lover, Surya Raju is a travel blogger at Travel Rope.
The 'Feet With Wings' Girl

Surya Raju, the travel blogger at Travel Rope, has come a long way since her Tumblr blog. Her love for travel springs from her childhood days, when she used to travel with her family. Although Surya works full-time as an engineer, she believes that travel is a part of who she is. She hopes to share her experiences with travel communities to simplify their process of building trip itineraries.

“TravelRope is not just a place just for travelogues as I also wanted to share what goes on in the lives of the many, who have been inspiring a whole lot of people out there.”

Apart from travel, Surya loves classical dancing. She has been pursuing Kathak for the past three years. “Animals, dance and travel pretty much sums up the things that I like to invest my time in, apart from my work.”

Let’s get to know more about Surya over a cup of Coffee with Stayzilla.

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Coffee With Stayzilla: A Conversation With Surya Raju

1. What is the story behind Travel Rope? What was your inspiration?

Travel Rope has changed a lot of things for me. It has given me my own identity. It is something I will be grateful for, forever. I started out by writing on Tumblr. It was only after my trip to Hampi that I felt that I should pen down my experiences. Such was the impact of the place on me. I started writing for publication houses for a few months. During this time, I had a tough time understanding how to reach out to the right people. It was only after some time that I decided that I want to start writing on my own website and that’s how Travel Rope was born.

I started writing about my travel experiences when a couple of people started reaching out to me, to share their stories. I started the series “Inspire Me” to share stories of all those who continue to inspire me in one way or the other. Be it Nirupama Rajendra, Alicia Souza, Tushar Lall of The Indian Jam Project, Anamika Singh, Rohini Kamath, Susan Bennett of the Siri fame or all the other wonderful people I’ve interviewed so far, they have taught me one of the most important things in life – humility. No matter how much a person grows, it is necessary to stay grounded. With every single step I took, I felt a great sense of happiness. It is this feeling that has been driving me.

2. What is your favourite memory or experience whilst travelling?

I have beautiful memories from Sikkim, Greece, and Switzerland. I say this because of the people I met here. Sikkim was one place I could connect with so beautifully from the bottom of my heart. The landscapes and the warm welcome of the people; everything about it was memorable! Greece was almost like I belonged to that place. It felt right from the beginning and was unbelievably comfortable. I was blown away by Switzerland’s beauty and this is the place where I did skydiving! This will always remain very special to me.

3. Outside of travelling and publishing, what is your dream job and why?

If I were given a chance to go back and change something, I would definitely choose to be a wildlife researcher. I have always had some special inclination towards that. (she smiles) I would have loved to understand more about animal behaviour.

4. Which one would you choose and why?
Treehouse | Jungle House | Boat House | Hill top House | Beach House | Tent | Skyscraper

Jungle House any day. I am more of a wildlife loving person than anything else.

5. What is your most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel or a resort?

My best experience so far has been with a Homestay host in Greece. He was so kind and generous that he volunteered to show us around the city. He was the best host ever!

Surya’s Coffee With Stayzilla was filled with special memories of her travel experiences. We wish her the best for all her future travel aspirations.

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