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Hailing from a small town’s nuclear family, Jitaditya is a down-to-earth soul, with an interesting outlook towards life. He does not claim to have high ideals that drive his travels. He does, instead, accept reality; an escape mechanism that led him to explore himself through travel. Over the years, Jitaditya has succeeded in creating an informative blog, which has a sustainable entity for itself.

Being an extreme budget traveller, alongside being a solo one, Jitaditya’s travelogues speak largely of personal experiences. He aims to provide his readers with genuine experiences, useful tips and hopes to bridge the information gap that exists for offbeat destinations in India.

Let’s get to know more about Jitaditya over a cup of Coffee with Stayzilla.

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Travel Blogger & Photographer at The Travelling Slacker
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Coffee With Stayzilla: A Conversation With Jitaditya Narzary

1. How did the Travelling Slacker begin?

I did my first Himalayan trek in 2010. It was a welcome break from my monotonous professional life in Mumbai. I already had a blog and enjoyed writing but I had never written travelogues. I realized that there was a dearth of useful content in the Indian travel market. Except for the most famous places such as Agra or Goa, most places lacked trustworthy information and good photographs online. The situation is better now but back then, it used to be hard to find information. At that point in life, I was working in the field of digital marketing and wanted to try these things on my own website. I made a plan, registered a domain, and finally launched my blog in 2011.

2. If you could travel back in time, which era and destination (in India) would you go to and why?

Oh wow. I would definitely go back to the 3rd century BC, somewhere in North-western India. I might also go to Af-Pak! It would be amazing if I get to socialise with Bactrian Greek divas. *laughs*

3. Give us your one-paragraph obituary, a long time down the road.

“He was an insufferable snob and a near sociopath. But he managed to do what he wanted and even ended up helping others with his travel accounts. It was a life that was not perfect, but it was devoid of compromises and so he lived happily and now (he) leaves happily. ”

4. Which one would you choose and why?
Treehouse | Jungle house | Boathouse | Hill top house | Beach house | Tent | Skyscraper

A tree house sounds good although I have never stayed in one. Apart from the sheer experience, the vantage points from a treetop will be great for photography.

5. What is your most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel or a resort?

I just spent a day in a small homestay in Dhankar (Spiti). There were hotels available with better facilities but stays like this, help local families. They live a hard life without complaining and such regions generally remain off the radar for the government as well as the media. So, it helped me get a first-hand account of their lifestyle and the food they prepared with limited local ingredients was excellent.

Jitaditya’s Coffee With Stayzilla was filled with exciting experiences and memorable stories, and we are absolutely inspired by his tales.

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