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Umang Trivedi is an avid traveller and a passionate blogger. Well-known amidst the Indian bloggers’ circle for penning down detailed travel stories, Umang’s blog Travelmax aims at imparting information and awareness as well as sharing exciting experiences with the world. Currently residing in Bangalore, Umang hails from Gujarat and has previously lived in the beautiful cities of Mumbai and Goa.

Travelmax focuses on travel stories and Umang is keen on experiences that involve adventure and offbeat travel. He also holds varied interests such as curating travel ideas to his followers to plan memorable travel tales.

Coffee With Stayzilla: A Conversation With Umang Trivedi

1. How did Travelmax begin? What was your inspiration?

I visited Bhutan in 2013. I was so delighted after spending a week in this spectacular country that I didn’t want my memories to fade away! I wanted to remember the blissful morning mist over a nearby river, the mesmerizing chants of an old monastery, the friendly people and amazing hidden stories laced in the local culture. What can be a better way than penning down these memories? So, I started writing about my experiences in a notebook. Gradually, I realized that having a blog would not only be a better medium to keep my memory canvas colourful, but the information might also help other travellers! I returned from Bhutan and the first thing I did was to set up a blog and digitize my stories on Travelmax.

In short, the magnificent land of dragons served as an inspiration for me to start my blog.

2. Have you been to any place which turned out to be different than what you imagined? How?

I visited Satpura Tiger Reserve recently and it was pleasantly different from what I had imagined. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Satpura is close to the famous tiger reserves of Pench, Kanha and Bandhavgarh. I have visited wildlife sanctuaries before and was disappointed by the horde of tourists who wait impatiently to spot wildlife. I expected the same when I visited Satpura Tiger Reserve given it’s proximity to the famous tiger reserves. But, to my pleasant surprise, Satpura was devoid of tourists and ours was the only Jeep scanning corners of the reserve. Being so close to nature, without signs of commercialization, was a memorable experience indeed.

3. What is your dream destination that you have not yet visited and why?

Currently, I am very curious about Lambasingi. Situated in Andhra Pradesh, Lambasingi is one of the coldest places in South India. The fact that temperature reaches sub-zero here is fascinating for me. Imagine discovering a destination in South India which receives snowfall! Lambasingi is rightly known as the Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh. I wish to spend some days here and experience snowfall in South India.

4. The best travel experience ever and why?

When it comes to my best travel experience, I get confused between my two favourite experiences. One is deep sea diving in Gili Islands, Indonesia and the other memorable experience is my first high altitude (15,000+ ft) Himalayan trek, Rupin pass. Both the experiences are unique as you discover a whole new world. Deep sea diving helped me to discover the ecological treasures hidden beneath the ocean surface and Rupin pass trek allowed me to get close to pure & pristine nature. During the trek, I also passed through some of India’s most remote villages and discovered their simple and happy way of life! It’s really tough for me to announce a winner between these two experiences.

5. Which one would you choose and why?

Tree house | Jungle house | Boat house | Hill top house | Beach house | Tent | Skyscraper

My whole idea of travel is staying as close to nature as possible. I still remember peeking out of my tent in Triund and discovering gorgeous views of snow laden mountains staring back at me with dark clouds swiftly tagging along the winds above. For me, the more I venture into the wilderness, the better the experience are. I would definitely choose staying in a tent as it can be pitched anywhere, whereas treehouses and boat houses cannot!

Yet, during my recent trip to Kumarakom in Kerala, I was fascinated by boat houses as well!

6. What is your most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel?

Apart from camping, I love staying in homestays. I am always scouting for homestays where I can savour scrumptious home-made food with a tinge of local flavour. I like interacting with the owners as they have good knowledge of local attractions and interesting stories to share. During my trip to Chikmagalur, I stayed at a homestay, perched atop a hillock, amidst vast coffee plantations. The food served was lip-smacking and the flavour, authentic. Also, there were 6 dogs and being a dog lover, it was a pleasant surprise for me! We took a morning stroll in the coffee plantations, played with the dogs and spent a lot of time cycling around. Overall, I had a very memorable stay experience at this cosy homestay!

Apart from this, I have stayed in a farm stay in Hoshiarpur during the winters. That too was a memorable stay experience. The sweet aroma of adjacent tangerine farms was very pleasant!

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