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Hailing from the breathtaking city of Shillong in Meghalaya, the journey of Travel Blogger Amrita Das from a full-time job to full-time travelling is nothing short of inspiring. Ever since Amrita quit her job in April 2014, her travel diaries have been filled with exciting experiences and travel stories from across the globe. It all began when she took up a seasonal job in Goa as a Property Manager in the summer of 2014. Her six-month stint in Goa gave her a sneak-peak into the exciting life of being a seasonal worker as she had the opportunity to explore the place and pick up new skills. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Amrita is keen on female solo travelling and has varied interests including offbeat and adventure travel. Her blog, Travelling Ides of March is filled with experiences, reviews, tips and photographs of her sensational travels.

Coffee With Stayzilla: A Conversation With Amrita Das

1. Your journey from a full-time job to full-time travel; what inspired you to take the plunge?

It was hardly an inspiration. It just seemed like the next logical step. I loved my job but taking time off was increasingly becoming a problem. So I decided to chalk out a way to travel and make money while at it. Also, it wasn’t really a plunge for me. It was a calculated and thought-through decision. Travelling is a way of life for me. It isn’t one of those recreational or defining experiences in my life. It is like a habit that I continue to nurture and it continues to reward me.

2. What are your thoughts on female solo travelling? How safe is it?

Absolutely safe. There is much hype about this and I don’t see a reason why solo travelling (male or female) should be this overrated. Each of us harbours different styles of travelling. I love travelling by myself because it gives me time to reflect and go to bed and wake up early 🙂 Having said that, every year I travel with friends and family. And strangers.

Female solo travelling is no problem at all. I follow the same set of rules that I would follow in my daily life– stay aware of my surroundings, not wander out alone at night into empty streets, not leave my drink/food unattended, among others. It is irrational to think that something would go wrong in an alien village/city and not in our own homes. Risks at both are equal.

3. What’s your travel age?

Can’t answer that one. I have been travelling ever since I started making memories.

4. Which one would you choose and why?

Tree house | Jungle house | Boat house | Hill top house | Beach house | Tent | Skyscraper

A jungle or a hill top house. Because of their proximity with nature. I travel to experience the brilliant greens of a forest or the uninterrupted mountain views.

5. Most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel?

I seldom stay in hotels when I travel by myself. Homestays are more intimate and interesting. I think staying in Darjeeling was a brilliant experience. Not only were my hosts accommodating, caring and cheerful but the entire trip just seemed perfect. After completing my Sandakphu Trek (with Darjeeling as a base), I returned to this hill station before time. This gave me enough time to explore Darjeeling on foot. From the sunrises to the mountaineering inspirations of HMI to finding a hidden Tibetan restaurant with delicious food – everything seemed just complete in the trip. I’m definitely going back for seconds.

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