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Vishnu Ramprasadh

Indian Guitarist | Vishnu R Collective

Vocalist and Percussionist (Khanjira)

2010 Pogo Amazing Kids Award Winner (Music)

Vishnu Ramprasadh is an Indian guitarist known for his strikingly original music with ‘Vishnu R Collective’. Hailing from an artistic family, Vishnu incorporates nuances of Indian Classical music in his stylistically versatile playing.

Vishnu has collaborated with some of the most distinguished names in music such as Padma Vibhushan Umayalpuram Sivaraman, violinist A.Kanyakumari, Ghatam Suresh, Maarten Visser, Jeoraj George, Oliver Fox (Germany, Sax), Matteo Capreoli (Germany), Ricardo Passos (Brazil), Pascal Lovergne (France), Steve Zerlin (USA), and Ayman Boujlida (Tunisia, Drums), to name a few.

Coffee With Stayzilla: A Conversation With Vishnu Ramprasadh

1. If travelling is music for your soul, which place sings the sweetest song for you?

Travelling and music indeed go hand in hand! The silence and serenity, as well as the cheer and chaos of a place are both music in their own ways. Two very dear places of travel come to mind. The extraordinary stillness and silence that engulfs you in the Himalayas – the intricate hues, shades and layers of snow-clad mountains from the Thorong-La Pass – this entire imagery sways to the music in yourself. The second is of the pristine beaches and jungles of the Andamans – the gentle lapping of waves, cry of a cicada, chirping of birds and insects and rustling of trees and leaves – these are the real musicians of the World!

2. What inspires you to create music?

The beauty is that when you are open to life, situations and relationships, every moment is fuel to fire of inspiration. On one hand, listening to a wide spectrum of music and collaborating with the many wonderful musicians – young and old, classical and Rock n’ Roll, from India and other countries – is a rich and diverse resource of musical thoughts and ideas. Secondly, and more importantly, to realize that Art is not separate from daily life and how you live as a human being tremendously impacts your Art and musicality – this fact inspires you to look at music differently and create from the heart – this is why I think Travelling is so essential to all of us.

3. You think you can travel with ‘no strings attached’?

I think so! Isn’t it everyone’s dream nowadays, especially artists, to just forget about the world for a few days and be able to travel with no responsibilities? But really, there is nothing I would like more than travelling, living with such diversity and beauty, with ‘no strings attached’ – maybe sometimes you need to leave behind music too.

4. Which one would you choose and why?

Tree house | Jungle house | Boat house | Hill top house | Beach house | Tent | Skyscraper

I would pick a Tree House or Jungle House simply because both are in close proximity with Nature, down to Earth. The earthly smell in the mornings, the sounds of birds, insects, animals, leaves and wind, the sight of trees, flowers and organisms that come in thousands of shapes and sizes – this is very conducive for and interacts with the music and silence that flows.

5. Most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel?

I have to say that the Tree houses of Kabini, Jungle retreats in Andamans, and tent camping in the open at Gomukh and Tapovan, Himalayas, are some of the more memorable experiences for me, and I strongly recommend anyone who hasn’t travelled to the above destinations, to do so.

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