Born and brought up in one of the most beautiful parts of India, the North-East, travel came naturally to Rajiv. But it was his first trip to the Himalayas during college that got him really hooked to the whole idea.

Like they say, once you have been to the Himalayas, you never really come back. And in Rajiv’s own words, “Every word of this saying is true. As true as it can get. I have traveled to various places, far from the great white mountains but the happiness I get when I am in the laps of the Himalayas, that feeling, is impossible to express in words”.

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1. What’s the story behind Webguy Travel Tales? What inspired you to be a travel blogger?

I started my travel blog around five years back. Back then, all I wanted was to journal my travels and as funny as it might sound now, the fact is, back then I wasn’t writing for an audience. I knew that with time and age, I won’t be able to travel as much and thought it would be wonderful to at least lookback and relive those experiences again.

Over time, the more I travelled the more I learned about the workings of the Indian ‘travel community’. Almost all my trips were planned after going through a lot of discussions at various travel communities and reading a lot of travel blogs. The more I did this, the more I felt obliged to give back to this community. Also, the fact that information about the north-east was (still is, in a way) very scarce, helped me open up my blog and structure it in a meaningful way.

2. Being a mountain lover, which is that one Indian destination you would love to live in and why?

I love the Northern Himalayan valleys and peaks, those in J&K and Himachal and I always love going back to them. But when we talk about living in, there can be no better place for me than the lush green mountains of the north-east. The dream is to live in some quaint little mountain village of Arunachal Pradesh, in the eastern Himalayas.

3. Describe in detail, the most unforgettable travel experience you have ever had.

In the summer of 2012, I was on my way to Ladakh with few of my friends. We hadn’t had breakfast that morning and decided to delay  lunch and have it once we left the city behind and hit the highway. Luck, however, had other plans and even after a couple of hours of riding, we didn’t find the highway. Instead, we were lost in some village roads. Starved and looking for a place to eat we reached this small village on the banks of the river Jhelum, called Sumbal. There was only one small shop but it did not have enough food for the six of us. ‘Tourists hardly come this way’, said the young owner. Then something unexpected happened. An old man, presumably the owner’s father showed up from behind the shop and politely asked us to wait. And within ten minutes, we were eating well-laid out meals to our heart’s content.

It was only once I was done with my food and was taking a walk towards the river flowing behind the shop cum house that I realized that the food served to us was actually meant for the owner’s family. You don’t get to experience such acts of kindness every day.

4. Which one would you choose and why?

Treehouse | Jungle House | Boat House | Hill to House | Beach House | Tent | Skyscraper

I have lived in more or less all types of houses here other than a tree-house, so I would surely like to spend a night or two in one. Preferably one overlooking a valley with a river flowing below 🙂 Add to that, a tree-house would offer a great vantage point which is sure to make the photographer in me very happy

5. What is your most memorable holiday stay experience other than a hotel or a resort?

This again has to be in the Himalayas. It was the second night of our trek to the Hampta Pass. We had been relaxing in our tent after a tiring day of trekking for around 8 hours, crossing beautiful valleys and steep mountain slopes. After spending some time inside the tent, I peeped out to look at the sky which had remained cloudy the entire day. I was awestruck by what I saw. With a gazillion stars and the prominent Milky Way, I was lost in the most beautiful night sky I had ever seen.

Rajiv’s tale is inspiring and thrilling in equal measures! Look out for more such amazing conversations in our next Coffee With Stayzilla.

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