Lonavala guide

Magic Guides: Lonavala

What time is it? It's time for another Magic Guide.  Get excited, we're visiting Lonavala, the crowing jewel in the already gorgeous Maharashtra. Hop On. Lonavala In A Postcard   Explore Th... Read More...
Kolkata guide

Magic Guides : Kolkata

It's time for another Magic Guide! Buckle your seat belt and get ready to explore the city of joy, Kolkata. Kolkata In A Postcard Explore The Best Stays In Kolkata EXPLORE STAYS IN KOLKATA Best T... Read More...
Coorg Quiz _ Quizilla

Quizilla: How Well Do You Know Coorg?

Coffee land of South India
How well do you know The Coffee Land of Coorg? The mesmerizing land with exquisite views, Coorg is a paradise for the adventurous wanderlust. Take the Coorg Quiz and find out how well you know this destinat... Read More...
Treehouse Stays _ Stayzilla

Open Up To Jungles: 7 Treehouses To Explore

Explore the jungle, your treehouse awaits.
What is it about the forest that makes us want to escape into oblivion? Is it the uniqueness of the sights that excite us or the thrill of the sounds that tempt us? Well, no matter what it is, first-time experi... Read More...