Delhi weekend getaways_stayzilla

Amazing Weekend Getaways Around Delhi

Stay calm and grin on!
HELLO DELHI! WHAT ARE YOUR TRAVEL PLANS THIS WEEKEND? CREDITS: WIKIMEDIA Drawing up a blank response? Let Stayzilla come to your rescue! From eating popcorn at India Gate to shopping at the Red Fort, from vi... Read More...
Happy Holi!

10 Amazing Places To Celebrate Holi In India

It's the day of colours and joy! Happy Holi!
Colours. They are the vibrant shades of life. They are the musical notes to the eyes. They bring joy to life and with Holi around the corner, it's time to gear up to celebrate this beautiful festival of fun. It... Read More...

Cruising In Goa: Wheels, Waves & Weekends

Keep calm and cruise on!
Road trip to Goa? CREDITS: FLICKR, Ruben Alexander "Again?" said the voice in your head. Yes, again, and a hundred times more, you say. It's Goa for goodness' sake. Your subconscious agrees. Goa has much... Read More...

Exciting Rajasthan Getaways For Festive February

It's the season to be happy, so travel!
Welcome to the land of the kings and queens, the realm of forts and luxurious palaces; welcome to the haven called Rajasthan! CREDITS: THE UDAIPUR STORE All across India, you will come across splendid arc... Read More...
Goa Carnival 2016

Goa Carnival 2016: Why Must You Go?

It's time to be happy and have some fun, Let's go to Goa, for the carnival has begun!
What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Goa? We bet it's the sunny beaches, the glistening waters, the laid back vibes, the delicious food and days of unforgettable fun! But what if suc... Read More...
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10 Incredible Weekend Getaways Around Bangalore

Woods, lakes and all that jazz
What's your travel genre? Have you ever wondered why you travel? Do you travel to escape, seek peace, learn a new culture, help someone, enjoy luxury, have fun, take a break from your normal routine, learn som... Read More...