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Download The Stayzilla App And Book Your Free Homestay Ever stayed at a Homestay? Make your trip memorable by opting for a Homestay. Book a Homestay for free, only today between 4 pm and 8 pm. Hurry up! ... Read More...

Are You The Observer Or The Socializer?

Time management tips
Let's say -- you need to book a flight to a destination and you have two options – flight A and flight B. The journey time of flight A is 1.5 hours and flight B is 4 hours (air ticket priced way lower than flig... Read More...

The Only 13 Apps You Need While Travelling

The less the merrier!
A few years ago, we used the Sunday free time clearing out the unwanted junk in our rooms. Today, the free time's often consumed clearing out the unwanted junk on our phones. The increasing number of apps is... Read More...