Bet you can't answer all!

The origin of riddles remains a mystery as they existed even before histories were written. The ‘riddle culture’ or the ‘art of riddling’ was a major part of the street entertainment during the middle ages. The travellers paid to listen to fine riddles from the street artists. In Greek mythology, riddles drew up an essential part of literature. The contemporary riddle culture includes sophisticated puzzles for both children and adults. The human mind doesn’t rest without discovering answers to these enigmas and conundra (two types of riddles).

Such is the power of riddles; such is the power of metaphors.

Can you guess these 10 travel riddles? Click on the ‘ANSWER’ button in case you run out of guesses and declare defeat, so you get a good night’s sleep.

Travel Around The World
A postage stamp.
A Man Travels
He was travelling on a horse called ‘Friday’.
Trail Union
Railroad tracks.
Electric Train
An electric train doesn’t produce smoke.
Fast You Travel
It Breaks Away
An iceberg.
Ravan was walking
75 minutes and an hour and 15 minutes are the same amount of time!
Travel a Mile
An odometer.
Used left or right
A thumb!
Two Planes
They will be the same distance when they meet!

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