Budget’- every traveler’s worst nightmare!

Most of us travel on a budget and it’s exactly what restrains us from staying longer. Ah! The anger and the agony!

But hey, there is a solution for everything. What if we told you that you can make money while traveling?

This blog is for those of who love traveling and can’t stand the corporate life. Read on and find your calling, dear wanderer, with this list of 7 awesome travel jobs!

1. Server/ Receptionist/Bartender

travel jobs

Bars, clubs, pubs, and restaurants are located all over our big beautiful world and the job description is the same everywhere. It will be easier to find work as a bartender and make money in tourist hot spots. Plus, more experience=more income!

2. Travel Tour Guide

travel jobs

Do you believe you know a place better than most? If yes, you should totally consider getting a job as a local tour guide for an international company, either at a single popular location or at multiple destinations. Or if you don’t wish to work under someone, go entrepreneurial and start your very own tour guide business!

3. Street Vendor

travel jobs

Be it food, art, clothing or jewellery, you can purchase all of this for a really good price in bulk and later earn a profit by selling it in tourist hotspots! Or if you’re truly the artistic kind, better yet, make your own stuff! Obviously, setting up a shop or stall requires supplies, permits and all that jazz. But if you’re going to sell your stuff during the festive season, it will totally be worth it!

4. Travel Writer

travel jobs

Travelling and writing is a dream job for many. However, it’s not something you can jump head first into. To begin with, you will need to be a good writer. Next, you need to know the locations you are writing about. And finally, you need to learn about networking and pitching your write-ups to editors. Once all this is taken care of, you can write for magazines, newspapers, or websites and make a living out of it.

5. Photographer

travel jobs

Do you love capturing moments? Do you believe this passion of yours is noteworthy? Then become a professional travel or adventure photographer and sell your photos! You can create your very own website and upload all your photos in bulk or directly sell it to magazines, newspapers, or websites. You can also host photography tours at a picturesque location or conduct online photography tutorials!

6. Musician

travel jobs

Are you musically inclined? Do you think you have the power to make people groove to your tune? Then, brandish your passion to the world and earn some money while you’re at it! Plan an act, grab onto that cherished instrument, and pick a spot with lots of foot traffic, and drop a hat. Many cities require a permit for performing on the streets, so don’t forget to do your research first.

7. NGO

travel jobs

Want a job that will appease both the mind and the heart? Volunteering at an NGO allows you to experience the sweet joy of helping the less-fortunate. But do remember that volunteer work is mostly full-time and the income won’t be that great. But you will build confidence, compassion, and attain peace of mind.

So, that’s it, folks! These travel jobs are the top choices when it comes to working while on the move. What do you think of the list? Do you have any travel jobs you would like to add? Leave your answers in the comments section below.

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