The New Year is right around the corner and if your plans are still in the making, we have something interesting lined up for you.

Presenting 5 off-beat destinations you can head to this New Year’s.

Let’s get this party started!

Khajjiyar, Himachal Pradesh


Visiting a winter wonderland for your New Year’s trip sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Look beyond the popular tourist hotspots and try something unique this time around. Khajjiyar in Himachal Pradesh hits the sweet spot if you’re looking to spend New Year’s Eve in a hill station. Pine trees, mesmerising meadows, and beautiful lakes, Khajjiyar has it all, plus you can partake in adventure activities like trekking and paragliding. What’s not to love!

Gokarna, Karnataka

offbeat travel destinations

Want something resembling Goa without the insane crowds, overt commercialisation, and polluted beaches? We have the perfect option for you. Gokarna can be your beach-y escape this New Year’s. Untouched and pristine, Gokarna and the adjoining beaches make for a perfectly sunny end to the year. There are numerous opportunities in and around Gokarna for trekking and camping enthusiasts too!

Ponmudi, Kerala

offbeat travel destinations

Next up in our selection of offbeat travel destinations is Ponmudi. If you haven’t heard of this little gem of a hill town in Kerala, you need to head here now! Dense green forests, expansive tea plantations, and shimmering waterfalls are just some of the wonders this unexplored destination houses. If a crisp winter morning amidst nature with your loved ones is your idea of a fantastic New Year’s celebrations, Ponmudi is the place for you.

Bundi, Rajasthan

offbeat travel destinations

Warm winter sun and an air of mystery. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Bundi in Rajasthan is all of these things and more. This little-known town in Rajasthan is straight out of a history book with old-school buildings, dated lakes, and ornate forts. Indulge in a charming getaway this holiday season and head over to Bundi. Who knows, a quintessential holiday might just be what you need to break away from the shackles of your busy city life.

Valley Of Flowers, Uttarakhand

offbeat travel destinations

Winding up our list of offbeat travel destinations in India, we have an absolute stunner. The Valley of Flowers, nestled in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand is every bit as fascinating as the name suggests. With lush green hills adorned with flora and fauna of all sorts, you’ll definitely be at peace here.

What do you make of our list? Have other unexplored destinations in your mind? Let us know in the comments section below.

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